Fairy Trail

Fairy Trail

Fairy Trail

Stunning Views of Lusty Beg Island

Fairy Trail

Fairy Trail


On the small Island of Lusty Beg there lived two fairies; Ruby, the good fairy who always loved helping the other fairies, and Noah, the mischievous fairy who loved getting into trouble. Within the grounds of Lusty Beg, a unique magic tree stands high and mighty. It gives out a daily spray of magic fairy dust for the local fairies to store for all the good folk who walk along the trail. One day, Noah decided to play a trick on the other fairies, by removing the box of dust and hiding it somewhere in the grounds of Lusty Beg Island.

Due to recent wet weather please wear wellies

This facility is for residents only
Lusty Beg Island | Kesh | THE ISLAND SPA


At the Island Spa you will find the ultimate luxury retreat.
Lusty Beg Island | Kesh | DINING


Whether it’s a refreshing pint of Guinness or a plate of fresh local produce, the Island Restaurant offers a warm welcome.

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